Brow Lamination For Thin, Sparse Brows? – 2 of the Best Beauty Salons in Dubai!

One of the best things about not being particularly hairy is the fact that I don’t need to shave my legs or arms. The downside is not having those thick, luscious eyebrows and lashes that I’m so envious of. Even if my lashes are long, they’re stick straight, sparse and difficult to curl. Once I finally manage to get a curl in, they don’t hold that curl very well and suffer under humidity which is why I’m in favour of lash extensions.

But what about brows? Well, over the years I’ve managed to grow my brows a tad thicker but they’re naturally a bit too short in length and are almost non-existent. Cue brow lamination! It’s been a trend since 2019 so you could say I’m a little late to the party but better late than never!

Before then, I’d been considering microblading but decided that was too much of a commitment. Here’s why:

MicrobladingBrow Lamination
– Gives the illusion of longer AND fuller brows.
– Lasts 1.5 years to 2.5 years.
– In the long run, it saves you money.
– It saves you a tremendous amount of time.
– It’s relatively safe but do take care in choosing a professional brow artist!
– Most organic pigments won’t change colour, but will fade over time.
– It’s semi-permanent

– It’s too much of a commitment: it’s not a tattoo, but it kind of is and I’m not sure I want my face tattooed. Even if it’s semi-permanent.
– Colour changing pigments: some salons still use heavy metal based pigments which turn into an orangey-red colour. I’m not a professional and I wouldn’t be able to tell which is which.
– There is a healing process: Like a tattoo, your brows will scab over for about 7-10 days.
– Are usually expensive especially with a seasoned professional.
– Gives the illusion of fuller brows
– Is quick and painless: my lamination and tinting session took less than an hour combined!
– Looks more natural than microblading
– Costs less than microblading
– Saves you time and product when filling in brows.

– Needs touching up every 6-10 weeks.
– Does not give your brows any length.
– Can damage your real brow hairs if done too regularly (before 6 weeks after your session)
Natural brows – no make up
Natural brows – with makeup
Major Myth:
Many believe that in order to get the best results, you need to already have somewhat full, thick brows. 
This is not true! As you can see, before I had my brows straightened out, they literally did not exist on my face. 
Of course, having a good set of eyebrows to work with gives the best results but it's not necessary.
What you DO need to have, however, are long brow hairs - however thin they might be!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is after-no-makeup.jpg
After brow lamination – no make up

After brow lamination – with makeup

For my lovelies living in the Dubai, here are two of the best salons in the Downtown Dubai area:

Eyelash Secret Dubai
🖤Located in Damac Voleo
🖤 You can ring them up here: +971506197930
🖤 Pricing:
lash extensions – 200-300 AED
refills – 150-250 AED
microblading – 1000 AED
brow lamination – 200 AED
waxing/tinting – 50 AED
mani/pedi – 75-375 AED
nail extensions – 250-350 AED

I got my lash extensions done here and my first ever brow lamination which I was honestly worried about because it could turn out to be a fail as I didn’t feel I had enough brow hairs to make it work. Viktoriia was the incredible lady who pampered me and thanks to her, I am a laminated brow convert. I’ll definitely be going back for more magic!
Also, the pricing in terms of the service provided is quite frankly a huge deal. Viktoriia is also super fast when it comes to lash extensions, so if you’re antsy like I am, she’s your girl.

Flaka Beauty Lounge
Located in Damac Maison Bay’s Edge
Call them to book your session: +971545477227
no pricing list was provided but I remember 2-3D lash extensions being 320 AED +
nail extensions were 20-30 AED per finger (?)

I went back a couple times for lash extensions just because the lady who did mine really knew my eye shape and managed to finally give me the desired shape I’d been so craving for literally years. She was probably the only one who ever hit the nail on the head. Not to mention her lash extensions REALLY lasted. I could usually manage 4-5 weeks without seeing her. Sadly, I never got her name. Pricing wise, this salon is a little more expensive and the lash technician at Flaka takes a bit more time but the quality and the lash map is to die for!
I also remember their nail technician being extremely professional and was surprised how inexpensive their nail extensions were.

Interior of Flaka Beauty Lounge

Broke two nails and had them extended
Not exactly the right colour but better than uneven nails!

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