Cafes To Try In Dubai

This list is in no order of importance but do expect more to come! 😉

Arabian Tea House
There are a couple in Dubai but the one that everyone needs to visit at least once is the Arabian Tea House on Al Fahidi Street. Yes, it’s on every tourist’s list of pitstops but the rustic feel of this gorgeous cafe/restaurant just transports you to another time and place – a delightful contrast to the sleek, modern lines of Downtown Dubai.
Another great thing is that the food is delicious, authentic and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Be sure to try their cinnamon milk tea as well as the saloona lamb. I personally am not a huge fan of lamb so for me to say that means a lot!

Everyday 7:30AM–11PM

Stomping Ground
This cute little nook in Jumeirah is perfect for brunch, complete with delicious shakshukas and your typical breakfast dishes such as acai bowls and pancakes! The decor is simple, the food is wholesome and the service is stellar. So if you’re a no frills type of person when it comes to your morning meals, this is the place to go.

Everyday 7:30-11PM (except Thursdays and Fridays 7:30-12AM)

Seven Seeds
Let’s be honest, compared to Stomping Ground, I do prefer the decor at Seven Seeds by far. Mostly due to the covered terrace that was very indoor outdoor living. Sadly, I only had a cappucino and a cheesecake at Seven Seeds so I am in no position to really critique the food but what I had was delicious. Similar to Stomping Ground, the service was stellar, probably even friendlier.

Everyday 8:00-11PM (except Thursdays – Saturdays 8:00-12AM)

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