Arabian Nights At The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah

The architecture, the décor, the service, the intricate maze of passages winding through the entire complex, the sophisticated ambience and the peace…these are just a few things that make the Chedi a worthwhile getaway.

Guests are greeted on arrival with a cool beverage, the contents of which are unknown but that hardly matters as most are mesmerised by the shimmering, scintillating lavender sheen of the refreshing drink.

The rooms are large and spacious, decorated in that charming, rustic Arabic style that transports you away from the harsh realities of our concrete jungles. The Chedi is simply bucolic and timeless in its simplicity.

What makes The Chedi even better is the delectable selection of breakfast and dinner options that is served in generous portions. I found myself starting to look forward to meals! Every dish was a new discovery of Middle Eastern flavours.
However, if I had to pick, the lamb tajine was truly unforgettable as was the chocolate dessert shaped in a half-sphere, adorned with edible gold flakes.

Perhaps my only complaint was that the pool was too small. I was even surprised by its size and had expected something grander; it is the Chedi after all.
With that being said, I can also imagine it being second choice for some due to the lack of a private beach but I went in May, just before the unbearable summer heat so I had no intention of spending too much time outdoors anyway.

Overall, I had a wonderful stay and spent my birthday quietly this year in the peaceful sanctuary of the Chedi Al Bait.

Official Website:
Location: Heart of Sharjah – 79 Corniche St – Al Shiokh – Sharjah

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